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  • Conditioning and Energy System Development Michael Jeffrey MS, CSCS, NASM, FMS, YBT This day in age being efficient and talented when it comes to a certain skill is essential when you want to see success in sport. There is such a strong emphasis on sport skill that experts in the field are being hired just […]

  • Purcellville, VA (April 19, 2017) – Please join us in congratulating Loudoun Valley’s Jordan Miller as the March 2017 Performance Edge/Viva Loudoun Athlete of the Month! “It feels good, winning an honor like this tells me the hard work is paying off, and if I keep working hard, there is more to come,” Miller said. […]

  • Recovering and Optimizing Performance Michael Jeffrey MS, CSCS, NASM, FMS, YBT Recovery.…One of the most important yet forgotten words when it comes to enhancing your overall sports performance.  Throughout my career everyone is always asking me, “What can I do to improve my performance out on the field?” This question is so common because society […]

  • South Riding, VA (March 18, 2017) – Please join us in congratulating Freedom’s Sydney Wrighte as the February 2017 Performance Edge/Viva Loudoun Athlete of the Month! “It’s a great honor to be named Athlete of the Month, I know there are so many competitive athletes in this county, to be recognized is just an honor,” Wrighte […]

  • Athlete Spotlight: Beth Elrefai

    By Performance Edge | In Athletes, Training | on March 30, 2017

    Not only do our clients travel the country sporting the Performance Edge logo, they travel across countries!  Check out our client, Beth Elrefai — feeling strong as she supports her mission with Bridges to Community in Nicaragua!  Here’s what Beth has to say: “I have traveled to Nicaragua 7 times since 2009 with a wonderful […]

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