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At Performance Edge, we work with Exceptional Athletes Who Demand Exceptional Training. We blend science and innovation to deliver excellence for both amateur and professional athletes.

Our mission is to:

  • Integrate sound injury prevention strategies through a safe, yet productive training environment
  • Maximize athlete’s physiological capabilities through sport-specific protocols based on scientific research
  • Teach positive habits for life-long training enjoyment

Our one-on-one training sessions are tailored to the meet the needs of each athlete for their specific sport; whether it is football, baseball, soccer, or any other sport, Our staff will design the right training program for you. Your Individualized Speed and Strength Training Program will be customized with strength training, plyometrics, core, balance, and injury prevention methodologies.

Whether you’re a football player looking to build strength, a basketball or volleyball player working on your vertical jump, or a soccer player looking for agility and change of direction training, we empower athletes to increase speed and strength.

Every athlete who trains with Performance Edge will be pushed and challenged, both mentally and physically, to ensure that they are tapping into their maximum potential with each session.

Performance Edge

Performance Edge