Joshua Breece’s Experience at Performance Edge

As a high school athlete with aspirations to play football at the collegiate level I’ve always worked at becoming my best. At every opportunity I would look to go to practice, play in a pick-up game, or do something that was going to make me a better athlete. With the completion of my freshman and sophomore years of high school I realized that some form of strength & performance training was essential for me to proceed on to the next level. After looking into several performance training alternatives, I decided Performance Edge was the place for me. Their coaching staff is certified, very knowledgeable, highly experienced and really vested in helping their clients develop and achieve their goals.

My final two years of high school I trained at Performance Edge and made significant gains physically on and off the field. This led me to realize I had previously only just scratched the surface of my athletic potential. Following my final year of high school, I received several offers to continue my collegiate athletic career, and with another 7 to 8 months of training under my belt, I knew I was well prepared to begin my freshman year of college at Washington and Lee University.

Prior to my arrival at Washington and Lee I received a 20-page workout packet that included all that would be expected of me physically to become a part of the football team. At first, this was overwhelming, but the more I looked at this packet, I began to realize that most of the tests and lifts that were expected of me were tests that Performance Edge had already prepared me for.

Not only did Performance Edge prepare me for my college experience, but they were extremely helpful in guiding me through injury rehabilitation protocols. Two weeks before my senior year season started I was diagnosed with a Grade 2 (almost 3) AC joint separation. I was not supposed to return until the middle of the year, but with the active recovery methods and teamwork provided by Performance Edge, along with my physical therapist, I was back on the field by the second week of the season.

The key differences between college and high school sports is that everyone in college is capable and talented. If you are not physically or mentally present, there is little compassion in replacing you. It is quite noticeable which athletes proactively and effectively prepare themselves for this level of play. Performance Edge not only allowed me to survive but made all the physical tasks drastically easier. Looking around at a lot of my freshman teammates (who were also new to this more demanding brand of football) I watched as many of them dropped out due to injuries, fatigue, and other ailments. Coming in physically prepared gave me the advantage I needed to be mentally invested to gain a competitive edge, allowing me to rise through the depth chart. The training, guidance and coaching I have received from Performance Edge has been irreplaceable and second to none.

After my collegiate freshman season, I received 1st team All-conference, All-Region, and 2nd team All-American honors, while also breaking numerous school and conference records. The hours of work put in at Performance Edge was a key factor to my success. I was less fatigued, stronger, faster, and more explosive than other athletes because of the specific and individualized training that Performance Edge provided for me. Performance Edge did not make me a better football player, but it gave me all the tools to grow and progress into a better athlete, and the coaching to better understand how to reach my physical potential.

After competing in 6 different sports and meeting hundreds of coaches, Performance Edge has been by far the most efficient, intelligent, and impactful training I have ever received. I am truly grateful for all their hard work and effort to help me become the best that I can be.