As of last August we are happy to say that we have teamed up with the folks from Van Essen Studio. You may not be familiar with their work yet since they are a young UX design studio but in the 1.5 year they exist they have gathered an incredible client base and proven result in UX (User Experience) Design.

Van Essen Studio Logo

Van Essen Studio

Why do we need UX designers? To be frank, 90% of our clientele is by word of mouth and we notice that although we don’t have actual competition in our area, our digital presence is not optimal. And even though we love our clients for spreading the word and are very pleased to see our business grow as it does because of the business we get from it, we are looking to grow even further. Don’t worry, this won’t affect you in any way – you will still get the training you deserve.

So far, we are in the ‘data-mining’ phase. This means that are website, Facebook and physical information is being quantified and analyzed. You will notice a guy with a big beard walking around with his laptop. Don’t be alarmed, he’s part of our team. You may even be approached by the guys of Van Essen Studio to be part of our new promotional Video which will be coming up in October.

If you think of any suggestion you have for Performance Edge, don’t be a stranger and leave a comment. We are always looking for ways to improve and serve you better!

VES and PEdge

VES and PEdge discussing next steps.