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Participants in our programs benefit from instruction in proper movement mechanics, body control, mobility, stability, increased range of motion and strength development. Our program takes a “bottom up” approach to strength and power development. That means we start with injury prevention (breaking down the biomechanical movements of each athlete based on a battery of tests or evaluation) and then teaching sport specific movements (Olympic lifts, weightlifting, plyometrics, agility, etc…) based on the specific needs of the athlete with regard to their sport, position and time of season of their sport. We do not cut corners when it comes to progression and safety.


We teach basic movement skills geared toward injury prevention, strength development and performance enhancements. Programs also focus on sport-specific movements for young athletes.


We work with you to enhance your performance and enable you to report for the next level of competition in peak physical condition. Develop strength, size (if desired), and power using proven Olympic, speed and agility training methodologies. Our College Bound program encompasses coordinating with your current or intended collegiate strength coach to prepare ou for their program and philosophy while incorporating your specific individual needs.


Do you want to lose weight, add lean muscle, increase your cardiovascular conditioning, or just get back into shape? Our scientifically proven protocols and degreed and certified staff will help push you beyond your own mental barriers to attain your goal. LEARN MORE


Achieve your greatest athletic potential for competing in an adult stport, recreational league, or weekend warrior activities. Our customized training programs will help you compete safely.



Performance Edge

Performance Edge