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Adult Fitness

Performance Edge

We’re serious about training for health, fitness & strength.

Performance Edge Adult Fitness

There’s A Difference Between Training And Exercising.

You don’t have to be an athlete to train like one. We want to equip you with the knowledge to get the most out of your training so you get the results you’re looking for. Our professional, degreed strength coaches blend science and innovation to deliver quality training and coaching, helping you reach your goals, whether that be in your game or your everyday life.

Our customized training programs are tailored to meet your individual needs — whether you are a competitive or recreational athlete, a health and fitness enthusiast, or someone just looking to get into better shape.

Every training program is customized based on an individual functional movement screen test and a fitness evaluation. Your training program will include strength training, plyometric, core, balance, and injury preventive protocols.

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  • One free session with purchase of a training program – $35 value
  • Free evaluation – $85 value
  • Additional $75 off initial program
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Training in our group setting is the best of both worlds. You are working off an individualized, custom program but with the motivation and camaraderie of a group setting all under the watchful eye of certified coaches.

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“You have nothing to lose; only health, fitness and strength to gain.”

Performance Edge Adult Fitness

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words – Before and After Client Testimonial

Brenda Weis – In her own words

My initial introduction to Performance Edge was enrolling my oldest son, Max, in the program when he was 15 years old. He played football at Stone Bridge High School and it allowed him to not only compete physically but kept him injury free for the four years he played. The program not only made him stronger and taught him the proper lifting techniques, but how to get the most out of his training sessions. Doing so enabled him to compete against other schools with much larger players because he was so much stronger even though he weighed considerably less. I then enrolled my younger son. He was eleven years old and again the same results! He gained not only strength and weight but a love for training and exercise that continues even today.

When I was younger I cycled and took up running believing that cardio was the answer to getting in shape. As I got older I learned weight training is a key component, however I was too intimidated to step into the weight room and ask for help. I am sure I am not alone feeling this way and would guess most women feel the same way. Performance Edge provided me the knowledge, tools, expertise and confidence to achieve my performance goal…to get strong and healthy.

I began training at Performance Edge in 2014 and due to having other obligations and not being fully committed as I should have been. I quit and soon thereafter moved the family out of state. Upon returning to Virginia I committed myself to being healthier and doing my best to lose the weight I had gained through my last pregnancy. I began eating healthier, walking, running and recommitted myself to training at Performance Edge.

Training with Dave, Charlie and the entire Performance Edge staff has changed my body completely! I came to the realization that although I enjoy running it was not an exercise regiment I would be able to sustain indefinitely, and if I didn’t, it was likely I would regain the unwanted weight I had fought so hard to lose. The training programs at Performance Edge not only help me stay lean but keep me stronger, healthier and happier. In 2014 my weight was 196 pounds with a body fat percentage around thirty-nine percent, in 2018 I weighed 147 pounds with twenty-four percent body fat, and as of September 2019 my body weight increased to 155 pounds with a body fat percentage of eighteen percent. I cannot overstate it enough…Performance Edge has transformed my body as well as my life!

-Brenda Weis


Call (571) 252-5068 or message Performance Edge today to get started.

Performance Edge

Performance Edge