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  • When Is It Time to Start Weight Training?

    By Christopher Derry | In News, Training | on October 25, 2018

    Resistance training and the appropriate age to perform weight training has been a long-debated issue when it comes to the youth population. Many parents are afraid to let their young athletes participate in resistance training programs because they have heard that it will stunt their growth, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Research […]

  • 3 Reasons Why an Assistant Football Coach Does Not Equal a Strength Coach August 28, 2018 , Bryan Van Vleet   Many schools have been successful with having an assistant coach also serve as the strength coach. However, if your school has an option of hiring a separate strength coach or filling the position with an assistant […]

  • Joshua Breece’s Experience at Performance Edge As a high school athlete with aspirations to play football at the collegiate level I’ve always worked at becoming my best. At every opportunity I would look to go to practice, play in a pick-up game, or do something that was going to make me a better athlete. With […]

  • Conditioning For Fat Loss

    By Mike Jeffrey | In Athletes, In-Season Training, Nutrition, Running, Training | on June 26, 2018

    The following article by T Nation gives some important information and progressions to help you maintain muscle while losing fat. Running Man Energy-System Work to Get Lean and Mean by Christian Thibaudeau | 03/07/03 As most of you probably know, I’m not a big fan of slow-pace cardio work, especially when you’re trying to build […]

  • The Benefits of Implementing Creatine

    By Mike Jeffrey | In Athletes, Gym, Nutrition, Training | on January 10, 2018

    Why is Creatine Important? Michael Jeffrey, MS, CSCS Supplementation and how to implement those supplements into a diet and training regimen are topics that I get asked about on a weekly basis. Specifically I am usually asked “Do I need supplements?” and “What supplements should I be taking?” These questions are usually asked because most […]

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